Monday, January 13, 2014

Upcoming Events: January 13-20

The legislative session starts today, which meens a full week of state of the state statements. A couple fresh faces in the House: Des Moines Democrat Brian Meyer and Madison County Republican Stan "Recall" Gustafson, and Julian Garrett moves across the rotunda from House to Senate. And a new House Democratic leader as Mark Smith takes over.

The donation deadlines passed on New Year's eve but two big campaign finance deadlines this week. By Wednesday federal candidates have to report what they've raised. Mark Jacobs (Senate R), Staci Appel (3rd CD D) and Dave O'Brien (1st CD D) have already proclaimed their numbers loudly, meaning they're happy; Joni Ernst has grumbled about things that are more important than money which means she isn't.

On the 19th every state and local committee has a report due. This usually means the first stage of triage for the early starting legislative candidates, and a sense of where the statewide contenders are.

Raising money for the next report: Lisa Green-Douglass, candidate for county supervisor, will host a fundraising event on Saturday, from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. at The Mill in Iowa City. For more information, call 319-936-0175. 

Thursday evening the Iowa City Federation of Labor has its annual meeting, with officer elcetions, at City Fed Hall 940 S Gilbert Ct. In a change, the annual meeting ans the annual chili supper have been split this year; the chili supper will be next month.

Caucus prep is peaking this week. Johnson County Republicans meet tonight (last week's meeting was frozen out) and also have a training session on Saturday at 10 AM. Both events are at the local GOP's default location, the Miller Learning Center. 2010 Keokuk St.

We Democrats, meaning me, are having caucus training sessions at 1 and 3 on Sunday at the Iowa City Public Library Room A. It's a hands-on chance to go over caucus materials and process one last time before Tuesday the 21st. Old pros and people who felt comfortable after the on-line training can consider this optional, but all Democrats welcome. Not especially formal but I'll plan to start sessions at 1 and again at 3.

And there WILL be school next Monday on MLK day.

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