Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anyone else think we need more young pro choice women in congress?

Via the inbox:

Anesa Kajtazovic defends telemedicine on House floor
Waterloo—Representative Anesa Kajtazovic defended telemedicine, including for abortion, during today’s debate of House File 2175 in the Iowa House. House File 2175 is a bill aiming to ban the use of telecommunications technology in the termination of pregnancy. Kajtazovic noted that telemedicine is practiced in much of the medical field and in rural Iowa it has been used to deliver lifesaving medical services to those in need.

“This bill before us today and the bills I’ve seen in this chamber the past few years, will take women’s health decades back and endanger the lives of women,” said Kajtazovic, “We don’t need to go back to the days when thousands of women died seeking health care services.”

“I hope we won’t see any more of these bills targeting women’s health care this session. This GOP obsession with women’s health care choices needs stop,” Kajtazovic urged the legislative body, “Instead; let’s focus on ensuring that a woman has the resources and healthcare options available to make the best and safest decision for her and her family.”

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