Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Fitzgerald Tops Day 7 Filing

Mike Fitzgerald filed for his 45th term to top today's fresh candidate list. Actually, the longtime Democratic state treasurer is just finishing his 8th term and seeking a 9th.

The rest of the day's filing is mostly at the state House level. Former (1998-2002) Republican senator Mike Sexton is making a comeback attempt on the House side in District 10, where tea partier Tom Shaw is stepping down.

Newton Republican Patrick Payton initially announced for state senate but withdrew from that race. Instead he'll challenge Democratic incumbent Dan Kelley in House 29.

Democrat John (We Got) Dabeet is making a second bid in Muscatine's House 91. He lost to Mark Lofgren last cycle. This year the seat is open as Lofgren gets ready to lose a congressional primary.

Brian Meyer is seeking his first full term. The Des Moines Democrat easily won a special last October to replace the resigned Kevin McCarthy in House 33. Meyer filed on the same day his Des Moines city council replacement is getting elected.

Altoona Democrat Joe Riding is running for a second term in House 30. Republican challenger Zach Nunn filed yesterday.

A pair of incumbent Dans are back on the ballot: Republican Huseman of House 3 and Democrat Muhlbauer in House 12.

And last but least, the only state Senate filing. Perennial candidate Brett Nelson is back. In 2012 he lost a House Republican primary to Kevin Koester 85-15%, and, undeterred, lost to Koester again as an independent in the general. (He also lost a primary to Koester in `08.) This year it looks like he'll lose a Senate primary to Jack Whitver. And, unless this session passes a sore loser law, we may see him again in the fall.

That's a good couple of questions for primary candidates: will you support the nominee? Will you pledge not to run in the fall as an independent? The Johnson County League of Women Voters should put that on the list for their courthouse candidates forum.

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