Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week In Review: March 17-23

Been in a posting slump this week as I write stuff for future publication and work on moving into new tech. Read this review slamming my new phone immediately after buying it:
At 6.3 inches, the Mega is conspicuously larger than just about everything else consumers are making calls on. It’s not only the largest phone on AT&T’s shelves, but it’s one of the largest phones in the world, and never for a second pretends to be anything other than just that.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Mega is not only one of the largest phones on the market, but it’s also one of the worst. Shooting off an SMS takes brute strength and two meaty paws; making a phone call looks and feels ridiculous, despite what anyone graciously might tell you. The Mega is the most polarizing device in Samsung’s arsenal, and the tough love it’s been receiving from the skeptics as a poorly designed and gimmicky smartphone isn’t entirely unwarranted.

But perhaps all of us — consumers, Samsung, and AT&T — have got it all wrong. Maybe the Galaxy Mega is being unfairly judged as an awful smartphone when, in reality, it’s a fantastic tablet.
Which, since that's exactly how I'm using it, is fine by me. The problem with the big phone is... it's big? That's like the warning label Caution: our hot coffee is hot. The screen on this thing is as large as the screen on the vintage 2005 eeePC netbook I was blogging with a few months ago.

The state filing marathon is over. Tony Bisignano is ruled ON the ballot though Ned Chiodo will likely appeal to drag out the bad PR further. Daily Kos Elections officially called Senate Candidate Scott Schaben and 1st CD candidate Matthew Waldren Some Dude.

Locally, a few more folks filed. County attorney challenger John Zimmerman turned the paper in late last week (Week In Review was pre-empted last week by All 125 Districts) and incumbents Kim Painter (recorder) and supervisor Janelle Rettig filed theirs this past week.

The rumor mill reports that North Liberty council member Gerry Kuhl, who passed nomination papers at the January caucuses, will NOT file. So that leaves incumbent county attorney Janet Lyness (who plans to file Tuesday, Democratic supervisor candidate Mike Carberry (also planning to file early in the week) and incumbent Republican supervisor John Etheredge (who doesn't keep me in the inner circle on his plans).

Rettig picked up an Iowa City Federation of Labor endorsement Thursday night. At next month's meeting they decide whether to leave that as their only endorsement or to choose make a second endorsement between Carberry (who was late on the survey), Lisa Green-Douglass, or theoretically Etheredge (who, shockingly, didn't return the survey at all).

Ans there are reports that Jeb Bush is calling into Iowa. You know who's NOT calling Iowa? Hillary Clinton...

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