Thursday, January 01, 2015

How will this Deeth Blog Poll win affect me, Al Franken?

With the beret bid contest going on (current leader: Swisher mayor Christopher Taylor at $50; deadline for bids tomorrow) , I almost forgot that the Deeth Blog was also running another contest.

Since for the first time in 30 years, Iowa Democrats will no longer have a US Senator, I asked Democratic readers to choose a neighboring state Democrat as our surrogate senator.

I kind of forgot, because there was an immediate overwhelming favorite. Today we hit midpoint on the decade, and it seems like the 2010s truly are the Al Franken decade. 

And my worries that the two Minnesotans would spit the vote were for nothing, as Franken's senior colleague Amy Klobuchar finishes second.

My personal vote went to Tammy Baldwin, thanks to my Wisconsin bias, and she finished third. Dick Durbin and Claire McCaskill are distant also-rans.

Franken spent his first term, after a months long recount and a razor thin win with about 42% in a three way race, keeping his head down.  He was as serious as possible, staying off the talk shows and talking almost exclusively to Minnesota media.

Now that he's been comfortably re-elected with a clear majority, Franken has proven he was no fluke.  Here's hoping he takes his unique blend of wit and intelligence and plays a bigger role pushing the Democratic message.  He has a whole extra state to represent now.

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