Sunday, March 03, 2019

What's Not Anti-Semitic

Questioning the motives of American Christian conservatives who only support Israel because they think it means Jesus Is Coming Soon? Not anti-Semitic.

Likening Israeli policy to apartheid South Africa because the shoe fits? Not anti-Semitic.

Arguing for our right to use our dollars as we wish and boycott businesses that support governments with bad policies? Not anti-Semitic.

Questioning why Iran has to get rid of nukes and Israel gets to keep them? Not anti-Semitic.

Arguing for a two state solution starting from 1947 U.N. agreement lines and not from 1967 ceasefire lines? Not anti-Semitic.

Questioning the premise of Zionism that there HAS to be a specifically Jewish state, and arguing instead for a one person one vote equal secular state, the way we did in South Africa? Not anti-Semitic.

All these issues and more are legitimate subjects for debate but are silenced by the anti-Semitic card.

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