Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Iowa Caucuses: Enjoy Them While They Last (Manchester Union Leader)

On the surface, Iowa and New Hampshire win for 2004, but get this:

"But in rejecting the Levin-Dingell plan, the AFL-CIO’s resolution also called for creation of a commission to review the 2008 delegate selection process. The DNC and Levin-Dingell backers continue to negotiate issues related to such a commission."

Look out, here comes the all-star team...

Sources said the commission would be chaired by former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Other members would include former Vice Presidents Al Gore and Walter Mondale, 1988 nominee Michael Dukakis and former Sen. Bill Bradley.

The view in Michigan yesterday was that even if the Levin-Dingell New Hampshire challenge fails in this cycle, the DNC will see to it that “the New Hampshire and Iowa privilege,” as one source close to the negotiations put it, ends in 2004. "

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