Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Redhead List

For no good reason other than to embarrass myself.

1. keep ya guessin'
2. Nicole Kidman (that Oscar winning redhead. Says she's waiting for someone to "rock her world"; hasn't called yet)
3. Julianne Moore (that Oscar deserving redhead)
4. Gillian Anderson (fake but a good fake)
5. Laura Prepon (That 70's Chick)

But five redheads are not enough!

Honorable Mention

Retired: Shirley Manson (who has the hopefully temporary idea that blondes have more fun)
UPDATE 4/23: Just saw a picture from toward the end of the Garbage tour last fall and my girl Shirl seems to be letting the red grow back. (!) WIll watch for further developments (if the pattern follows: a year off in Scotland, 18 months in the studio in Madison, and a year or so on tour in about 2005-06)

Reincarnated Redhead: Shirley MacLaine

Classic Redhead: Rita Hayworth

All time classic Redhead: Ann-Margaret in Viva Las Vegas

60-something Redhead: Ann-Margaret again

50-something Redheads: Susan Sarandon, Bonnie Raitt

Redheads most likely to be called Reds: see above

Cartoon category, 21st century BC: Wilma Flintstone

Cartoon category, 21st century AD: Kim Possible (hey, I have a teenage kid, I see the Disney channel. Kim Possible would be a babe if she were real...)

Comic strip category: the little red headed girl

Unrequited category: ditto

Only redhead I am likely to sleep with in the near future: Butterscotch the cat

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