Sunday, November 06, 2005

Junk Sales, Tongues and Tails

Tongues and Tails by Sophie B. Hawkins is just one of the sexiest albums ever. I always wondered if "I'll turn on the Rolling Stones" meant she thought Beggar's Banquet was good music to set the mood ("Stray Cat Blues" especially) , or if she was looking to seduce Mick Jagger. And catch the way she slurs "I'll rock you till the daylight comes" on the first chorus so it sounds like she's trying to slip an F-bomb past the radio censors. She also does a credible version of Dylan's "I Want You."

She got sidelined in the late `90s by record company politics and lost all the career momentum she had from "Damn I Wish I was Your Lover" and the subsequent "As I Lay Me Down." So today I was able to replace my long-lost copy of Tongues and Tails with a junk shop copy.

Also from the same era I tracked down Luka Bloom's The Acoustic Motorbike; the title track is one of the only decent songs about cycling besides the obvious one from Queen, and it's not marred by a bicycle-bell solo.

In the non-musical department, my scores include another hideous hanging lamp and a feline-friendly coffee table.

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