Thursday, November 17, 2005

O'Brien runs for ag secretary

O'Brien runs for ag secretary

"Denise O'Brien, an Atlantic farmer and longtime rural activist, announced her candidacy Wednesday for Iowa secretary of agriculture. O'Brien, a Democrat, said her top priority would be the environment, especially advocating local control for livestock confinements..."

This primary is going to be an interesting subtext just beneath the surface of the gubernatorial race. Vilsack's drawn the line: Dusky Terry is his guy. But O'Brien is clearly staking out the progressive, Fallon turf - and there's implicit criticism of Patty Judge in her raison d'etre.

So are there progressive votes in this race? Can either Terry or O'Brien, down lower on the ballot, cut through the noise of the governor's race? And will urban voters participate, or leave Sec of Ag blank?

More in the Gazette, also Drew Miller offers his thoughts.

I'm still uncommitted and checking it out.

Also in today's Register: Yepsen uses the prison break as an excuse to beat the death penalty drum yet again. And my burst of blog traffic post-Iowa City election has made me a Slithering Reptile again.

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