Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stupidest reality show ever

Stupidest reality show ever

I ignore "reality TV" as much as possible. The very term is a misnomer: take a group of people, put them in an artificial and highly contrived situation, and call it reality? "Non-professional actor entertainment television" is more like it. My idea of reality TV is... THE NEWS.

But this one is so stupid I just can't ignore it.

A new reality TV show is aiming to pull off the biggest hoax in TV history - by persuading a group of Britons that they have been blasted into space.

Nine people will be told they are set to visit the final frontier as space tourists and that in preparation they will undergo intensive training in Russia courtesy of the Space Tourism Agency of Russia, but in reality the groups will be "trained" for space in a disused airbase in a secret location in the UK.

I would HOPE anyone thinking they'd been launched into orbit would notice the lack of weightlessness...

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