Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Smorgasboard

Sunday Smorgasboard

I've had more human being days lately and the blogging has taken a back seat; sort of lost my groove last weekend after the double live blogging cancellation of Feingold and the district convention. But I'm still here so let's do a few bullet points.

  • Governor debates yesterday; coverage from the Register and behind the Gazette wall. Focus of both articles is the Blouin-Culver exchange of Chet's long-ago registration as a lobbyist. Will that resonate? Perhaps but this soto of Mike's may be more relevant:

    "Blouin took a shot at Culver’s support for reinstating a limited death penalty, saying, ‘‘I would never allow capital punishment to come back. It’s racist to its core, and it’sirreversible.’’"

    Both articles shunt Fallon off to the side almost but not quite with Sal who gets a token quote in each.

    Just a take on what I see locally: a lot of Blouin people, a lot of Fallon people, not a lot of Chet people, a lot more interest in the local races.

  • John Kerry draws 1000 in Grinnell: Gazette and Register. Bashed the administration but:

    Put on the spot by one student during a quick question-and-answer session, Kerry said his biggest regret of recent years was voting in favor of the use of force in Iraq.

    "Because of the experience we had in Vietnam and (former Secretary of State) Colin Powell, whom I trusted, I trusted the administration on that, and it was an enormous error"

    OK answer and welcome back to Iowa, Senator, but I'm in the "you had your chance" camp.

  • Architects discuss strategies for making Iowa's cities cool. Kind of a punchline headline but a decent discussion of livability.
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