Friday, May 05, 2006

Why drivers really hate cyclists

Why drivers really hate cyclists

Interesting story from Wales:

Motorists hate cyclists because they're secretly scared of hurting them on the roads, according to new research.

Cardiff University academic Ben Fincham has formulated the theory to explain why people on bikes frequently attract rage from other road users.

"Cycling is seen as something that's done by people who are slightly unhinged, or willfully negligent anyway. The idea that they probably break the rules of the road is going to upset people and if that is at the forefront of your mind, it will influence your experience of them."

There tend to be clear lines of demarcation between where car users and non-car users are able to go, but cyclists operate between those lines.

"What confuses a lot of bikers is that if you cut someone up, you will probably have abuse and threats hurled at you, but if a driver actually injured you, they'd be distraught."

Slightly unhinged?

I'm more inclined to buy this analysis:

"Keen cyclist Louise Jones, from Port Talbot, said she found Mr Fincham's theory "a very strange sort of argument". Asked if she had experienced hostility from motorists, she said, "It tends to be just from youths in souped-up cars who think it's only them who are allowed on the roads."

Or SUV's...

Week after next is Bike To Work Week (that's every week for me). Lots of interesting events including a Mall to Mall race between politicians! Who can get from Coral Ridge to Old Capitol fastest:

  • Iowa City Mayor Ross Wilburn on a bike?
  • North Liberty Mayor Dave Franker in a car?
  • Or County Supervisor Rod Sullivan on the bus?
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