Friday, January 12, 2007

Inaugural 2: Culver Speech

Inaugural 2: Culver Speech

It's official and we're going through the obligatory thank yous to assembled dignitaries. Some standing applause for Private Citizen Vilsack but no presidential references.

Tem minutes in and we get to content. Opportunity For A New Era Of Greatness, there's the theme.

Drawing an extended metaphor of exploration and invoking JFK.

Energy capital of the world, and we must explore this frontier immediately. Reference in here to "keeping our children in Iowa where they belong." Iowa Power Fund - first really specific reference. Big applause for energy independence. I know this was a big campaign theme but it's still an interesting lead and interesting use of what seems to be the biggest chunk of time devoted to any specific item.

Addressing Legislature, says "may our inevitable differences reflect convictions and not contempt." That said...

Iowans have spoken and respect results: specifies minimum wage, teacher pay, health care, tobacco tax, stem cells. Mentions commercial property tax relief.

Calls for diversity (and invokes Bob Ray in that regard...) mentions bullying bill to non-unanimous applause in the legislative section.

Scattered hoots as he gives Mari a brief kiss after the speech. Not bad - not wonky but it's not a wonky occasion. The thing that sounds interesting to me is the "expect results" challenge to the legislature.

Batteries are my bottleneck so more later.

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