Friday, January 12, 2007

Inaugural 3

Inaugural 3

Chet and Mari Culver at the Capitol

Not a lot of substance to report, as the day's really just a big party. Lots of food and schmoozing at HyVee hall over lunch. Chris Dodd worked the room a bit, but the food seemed to be a bigger deal to folks. Pork Chop On A Stick was the big hit with a line stretching to about Newton The new guv showed up toward the end of lunch after most folks were clearing out.

Patty and Chet made a few brief welcoming remarks in the rotunda and folks were off to roam the Capitol, with music in the rotunda, both chambers, and the law library. The performers are talented and diverse, but the dome isn't designed for acoustics. A few brave souls were trying to work in Mike Fitzgerald's office. The giant vault was open but it seemed to be full of documents and not all the money as one would imagine (I was picturing Scrooge McDuck's money pit). My favorite human being moment was a peek at the cheat sheet at the Speaker's rostrum; pics of the House freshmen (well, it has only been a week). The performers are talented and diverse, but the dome isn't designed for acoustics.

Johnson County Dems are well represented with (in addition to the legislators) Tom Carsner, Tom Larkin, Pauline and Kristine Taylor, Dave Leshtz, Duncan Stewart and the Governor's own counselor Jim Larew sighted.

It's odd running into legislators in their seventh, eighth House terms who are in the majority for the first time. They seem to be racing the feds on minumum wage, though Iowa's chances are better since Culver's going to sign and Bush is stubborn enough to veto it.

Not to be all Jimmy Stewart but the openness of the Capotol is nice and inspiring. It's my first post 9/11 visit and the metal detectors are new to me, but it still has a feel of go pretty much anywhere and talk to pretty much anyone.

Now it's off to SHOP briefly with my young companions, and find a place to get dressed up for the ball...

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