Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Keith Olbermann's Harry Potter spoiler

Keith Olbermann's Harry Potter spoiler

It didn't reach the heights of his Special Comments, but Keith Olbermann weighed in last night on one of the critical issues of the day:

Harry Potter's fate.

I've been relatively restrained on the Hogwarts front, resisting the daily countdown...

...until now.

As for Olbermann's "Countdown," he looks at the big question that anyone with even a minimal interest in Pottermania has been addressing since that fateful day in July 2005 when we first read the word "horcrux" and wept over page 596: Does Harry have to die?

If you don't want Keith's spoiler don't follow the link, but here's the gist:
Consider it from the marketing standpoint. Book number seven, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows ,” reaches sweaty palms on July 21st. But the movie reaching theaters July 13th, “The Order of the Phoenix” is only the fifth film. What is the box office going be like for that one if eight days later Potter is killed off?

So Keith has an ending in which the hero sacrifices, but not his life. Makes sense to this reader... and to expert Emerson Spartz at MuggleNet:
It is my personal belief, and not necessarily that of the rest of the MuggleNet staff, that he is not far off the mark in his guesses. Except for that whole _____ turning into a ______ business.

24 days to the book, 14 days to the movie...

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