Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Obama's Gloves Come Off

Obama's Gloves Come Off

In Chicago Monday, dueling fundraisers: Clinton and Obama. And this feisty quote from the gentleman from Illinois. Quoth the Sun-Times:
'The only person who would probably be prepared to be our president on Day 1 would be Bill Clinton -- not Hillary Clinton,' Obama said when asked about unnamed Clinton backers questioning Obama's experience.

'I think that we're all very qualified for the job,' the freshman senator said. 'The question is who can inspire the nation to get us past the politics that have bogged us down in the past. That was true, by the way, in the '90s as well as more recently.'

It was an obvious dig at the political divisions of the Clinton years."


  • Tom Tancredo on YouTube demands that the Mitt tell us what to do with the immigrants already here. In Dubuque Sunday, Tommy the Tank repeated his call for a moratorium on legal immigration.

  • The Employee Free Choice Act that scotched today's five candidate forum in Iowa City failed on an almost party line cloture vote, with Joe Lieberman and Arlen Specter voting with Dems.

  • And from the punditocracy: Sally Quinn of Wash Post calling for Cheney's resignation and suggesting as a replacement... Fred Thompson.
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