Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Clinton Money Flowing To Vilsack

Clinton Money Flowing To Vilsack

Ex-governor and ex-presidential candidate Tom Vilsack received $87,000 in donations from Hillary Clinton supporters after he left the race and andorsed Clinton.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Vilsack used $55,000 of that to reimburse himself for a personal loan he'd made his campaign. 

In his Feb. 23 speech as he exited the race, Vilsack said he was dropping out because of "money and only money."
O. Kay Henderson also reports The Clinton campaign also paid Vilsack $20,000 for unspecified "list services," likely the Vilsack "house list" of donors and supporters built up through his years in Iowa Politics.

That list may produce some money, but Iowa is a cash-importing state where politicians spend money rather than raising money.  The more important function of the Vilsack list is that it's chock-full of likely caucus-goers known to support Vilsack and likely to respond positively to, or at least take seriously, his Clinton endorsement.  This serves to somewhat mute the advantage John Edwards has in Iowa of his list of people who supported him in his earlier 2004 campaign.

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