Wednesday, July 18, 2007

None Of The Above Leading GOP, Kinda Sorta

None Of The Above Leading GOP, Kinda Sorta

We've been hearing that no one is ahead in the GOP presidential race, and now there's proof: No One actually is ahead. No one as in "None of the above," according to this week's AP/Ipsos poll. Specifically, that breaks out as other 2, none 8, and don't know 15.

Does this mean Republicans prefer a blank line on the ballot next to the Democratic nominee next November? Probably not, but Nevada actually offers "none of the above" as a cop-out, I mean option, on every ballot. Well, sort of -- it's non-binding.

Conservative blogger Lew Rockwell dismisses the AP poll: "What would it have been if Ron Paul hadn't been excluded?"

Depends, Lew. If it had been a scientific random sample, Paul would have likely been at one or two percent, as he's been in most such polls. If it had been on line, he'd probably be around 55% like Cyclone Conservative's latest monthly poll.

Scientific polls measure raw numbers of support, rather than intensity. Paul's supporters appear to be few but intense, and disproportionately represented in Internet culture. Or, as Reason puts it, Ron Paul is this year's Snakes On A Plane.

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