Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Yankee Flipper

The Yankee Flipper

I'm behind the curve here but I just have to stop and give ROO-DY! the Bronx cheer. As I noted, a real fan stands by the team, even in the heart of enemy territory.

One of the few things that seemed genuine about Giuliani was his rooting for the Yankees -- heck, he spent more time at Yankee Stadium than at Ground Zero -- but with the New Hampshire primary sometime next week, he's changed his pinstripes.

The excuse? "I'm an American League fan, and I go with the American League team." By that logic, I would have been cheering for the Bears last February, but my statement is on the record.

Youse gotta problem wid dat? Dese Noo Yawkers do, so dey gets da last woid:
"Any Yankee worth his salt cannot root for the Red Sox under any circumstance at all. Period. End of story," said Ken Schlesinger, 44, a lawyer from the Upper East Side.

Armando Quintero called Giuliani a "fake fan" for backing Boston. "He needs a true Yankee fan to talk to him, put him in his place, let him know what a real Yankee fan is all about," said the 39-year-old dry cleaner from Queens.

"I question his Yankee credentials. If you're a big Yankee fan, you have to hate the Red Sox," said Guy Molinari, New York co-chair of the Giuliani campaign.

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iPol said...

It now seems clear that when Lincoln delivered his "House Divided" speech, he was preminiscing about Rudy and this year's MLB post-season.

Ain't hist'wy sumpin'?