Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Iowa Republicans Need Governor Playoff

Iowa Republicans Need Governor Playoff

Rod Roberts is in now, bringing the official tally of Iowa Republicans running for governor up to -- I had to check -- five, with Jerry Behn still in the wings and the ever popular Draft Terry Branstad story getting pushed.

Tell your players without a scorecard? Heck, they've got so many we need a bracket.

Bracket primary reform is something the Iowa GOP should consider, if they want to avoid my scenario: Bob Vander Plaats getting nominated at a convention and losing everything east of I-35 to Culver.

With six candidates (counting Behn) in the last Iowa Republican poll, we have to give BVP and Chris Rants a first round bye. Then we seed the rest of the field: Paul McKinley gets Behn and Roberts draws Christian Fong. Branstad is sort of an automatic bid independent, like Notre Dame in the BCS. Oops, I forgot. No playoff in college football.

The rest could work sort of like this classic playoff between dictators. (Before you accuse me of violating Godwin's Law, we've got bad guys of both left and right here and Hitler loses a first round upset.)

Sure, and instant runoff vote would be easier, but then you'd lose the week to week drama building up to the championship, the frustration of your 3 seed McKinley losing on a Jerry Behn buzzer beater, and the Any Given Tuesday possibility of an upset.

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