Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday followup

Tuesday followup

Couple quick notes:

  • STILL no one running for Iowa City school board... and anyone heard any good rumors about city council?

  • Chief Justice Ternus is a no comment on the weekend party: "it would be inappropriate for either the chief justice or me to comment on any pending cases, including any cases involving family members of a judge." Let's hope we hear her thoughts after the case is done.

  • Special election in House 90 is set for Sept. 1. My sympathies to the Jefferson, Van Buren and Wapello county auditors who get to conduct elections in back to back weeks with school board on Sept. 8. You can't combine a school election with anything else because the lines are all screwy and based on where Grandpa wanted to send the kids to school in 1960.

    Still, they'll be hard pressed to beat Linn County's run in 1994 and 1995 when some Marion voters went to the polls five times in nine weeks:
  • November 1994 general election: mid-term state senator Paul Pate elected secretary of state and resigns Marion-based senate seat.
  • December: Just re-elected state rep Mary Lundby elected to senate seat.
  • Also in December: Linn County has special election for sheriff.
  • Also also in December: Marion and Linn-Mar school districts vote on, and reject, a merger.
  • January: Rosemary Thomson elected to Lundby's house seat.

    Thus the voters who were in the Thomson house district and the Marion or Linn-Mar school districts voted five times.

  • As for House 90, Dems look to have settled on Curt Hanson while the GOP is expected to run Jefferson County supervisor Stephen Burgmeier. desmoinesdem (who takes issue with my interest in Ternus speaking out on the drinking age) has a good roundup.
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