Monday, October 05, 2009

DI Endorsement Shocker

Daily Iowan Endorses Tallon and... Mims?!?

No one would have called this one: The Daily Iowan endorsed Long Time Resident candidate Susan Mims, along with student Dan Tallon, in this morning's editorial.

In a slap at the other two students, the DI writes: "Pro-business platitudes don’t dominate (Tallon's) rhetoric like UI senior Jared Bazzell’s, and Tallon lacks the ideological dogma of Jeff Shipley." Terry Dickens goes completely unmentioned.

Meanwhile, voting was verrrry slow at weekend satellite sites: 42 each on Friday and Sunday at the Iowa City library and a mere 24 at University Hospitals. Which means, surprisingly, that the UI Library last week was the hot spot with 57 voters.

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