Saturday, October 03, 2009

Press-Citizen Endorses Four

Press-Citizen Endorses Four

The P-C endorsed four candidates for Tuesday's primary, in one more example of our concoluted city council system. Don't try to actually VOTE for four, because that means you vote for none. You only get to vote for TWO, in both October and November.

This would be an interesting type of election to try instant runoff voting. Of course, if I were reforming Iowa City's electoral system, I have other ideas, like partisan elections and precinct-sized districts.

In any case, the P-C recommends eliminating Dan Tallon.

Or do what I did.

Here's some longer must-reads from the week:

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  • Sad Tale Two: Dick Gephardt sells out.

  • "Conservatism has been converted into a religious belief, and now compromise doesn't have a prayer."
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