Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grassley Loses in Health Care Vote

Grassley Loses in Health Care Vote

The WaPo's Chris Cillizza lists the winners and losers from yesterday's health care vote and among the losers:
Chuck Grassley: Grassley... took himself out of the negotiations on the bill early on -- effectively ceding any ability to influence the legislation. Grassley's pull-out allowed Democrats to paint him as a rank partisan, a portrayal that won't help him as he runs for reelection next fall.

Attn: Christie Vilsack? (That bandwagon is rolling again...)

Meanwhile, up in Cedar Rapids, the date is set for Nov. 24 and the candidates are emerging for House District 33:
Norm Sterzenbach, Sr., a military veteran who has been a steady presence in county politics for years and currently serves as the county Democrats’ second vice chairman, is expected to make a bid for the seat. Kirsten Running-Marquard, 32, who works in U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack’s office and is the daughter of former state Rep. Rich Running, has also been contacting local Democrats to drum up support.

No GOP names yet. With Terry Branstad about set to jump in and knock everyone but Vander Plaats and Rants out of the governor's race, what legislative district does Christian Fong live in? Update: I'm told he's in Renee Schulte's turf.

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