Tuesday, October 13, 2009

O'Donnell Applies For Board

O'Donnell's Hat In The Ring for Board

Iowa City Council member Mike O'Donnell applied today for the Johnson County Board of Supervisors vacancy.

O'Donnell is finishing his third city council term and is not running for re-election. He ran for the Board once before, in the 2004 primary. In a race for three nominations, he came in fourth, just 127 votes behind Rod Sullivan. (Incumbents Terrence Neuzil and Pat Harney led the field.)

In 2005, O'Donnell came from behind after finishing third in the city primary to finish second and win-re-election to his third council term, just ahead of Rick "21 Bars Yes" Dobyns.

Local businessman John Green also filed an application. Yesterday, former supervisor Mike Lehman was the first official applicant. Janelle Rettig, already an active candidate for next June's primary for the full term, has announced her intention to apply before Friday's deadline. Norm Bickford of rural West Branch, a 1990 candidate and 1999 vacancy applicant, is also likely to apply.

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