Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bailey for governor?

Regenia Bailey for governor?

That's the rumor Ed Fallon's trying to start, as he tries to find a primary challenger for Chet Culver. Fallon name-drops Bailey, Iowa City council member and ex-mayor, and Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie into Jason Hancock's piece at my old Iowa Indy stomping grounds. And of course I'm making matters worse by passing it on.

(Reminder for out of towners: Iowa City mayor is not directly elected and is essentially a chair of council type thing. Traditionally it rotates every couple years and everyone gets a turn, until the 1990s when Ernie Lehman locked it up for eight years and Karen Kubby never got a shot. Since then we're back to rotating: Ross Wilburn, Bailey, and now Matt Hayek.)

Regenia didn't call Jason back (UPDATE: she tells the Gazette she is not interested in running “at this time” and “I’m really strongly supporting Gov. Culver in this election”) but she is backing Roxanne Conlin in the Senate race. Conlin's crew (the "RoxStars," which also includes Sue Dvorsky) is getting together tomorrow afternoon; 4:30 in the Bread Garden Market in Iowa City. "We'll be talking about how we want the Johnson County effort to look, who and how to involve the broadest number of supporters, and what our next steps are," sez teh Facebooks.

Conlin also talks to Blog For Iowa. Nice talk but they fail to ask "Mac or Linux?"

As for her former opponent, it's back to the future tomorrow morning with Terry Branstad's comeback tour. Two more comebacks and he gets a free pie--and it'll be good pie because it's at the Hamburg Inn, 9 a.m.

Finally, because it doesn't fit anywhere else: fixing spaceships with duct tape!

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DynamicDemocrat said...

Fallon should dust the chip off his shoulder and quit "jackin-off" at the mouth already.

There isn't going to be any "serious" primary contender against Governor Culver.

Narcisse is too big a whack job ( go ask the people from the Des Moines area.)to be considered a serious contender.....

And frankly, it is getting to late for any serious candidate to mount or raise the money it would even take to humor a run a sitting Governor within his/her own party.

So, like it or not, let Governor Culver gear up, save up, and dig in for his Republican challenger in the Fall ( which, personally, I am not like a lot of people who think it is a forgone conclusion that it will be Bumstead. But, that is a different subject)