Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grassley Fails Purity Test

Grassley Fails Purity Test

In a Rorschach test of conservative absolutism, Coralville Courier takes a shot at Chuck Grassley for bringing home a couple bacon bits. The press release says:
Senator Chuck Grassley announced today that the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration has awarded a $100,000 competitive grant to the Iowa Utilities Board in Des Moines through the 2010 State Damage Prevention Assistance Grant Program.

Courier's response:
A 'competitive grant' is awarded to the Iowa Utilities Board so they can print educational materials? Educational for who? Where in the Constitution is the competitive grant process authorized? That taxpayer money needs to stay in the communities it came from.

Chuck, you wacky socialist.

Meanwhile, Grassley's approval has slipped to its lowest point in three decased in the Senate. Even de facto GOP pollster Rasmussen has him in the low 50's against the three Democrats. Steve Singiser at Kos: "Remember, Grassley has never been under 60% in any of his electoral bids since his first run for the Senate in 1980."

Those three prospective opponents were at the Iowa Federation of Labor yesterday. Tom Beaumont's headline: Conlin lone Senate candidate to challenge Grassley.

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