Thursday, February 18, 2010

Libertarian in Iowa 2nd CD Race

Libertarian in Iowa 2nd CD Race

Haven't heard this anywhere yet, but the site's up: Libertarian Gary Sicard of Robins has announced in the 2nd Congressional District race. Sicard, 37, is a network engineer (we all know the net leans libertarian).

The Libertarians last took a shot in the 2nd CD in 2002 and 2004 with Kevin Litten. The 2006 Loebsack over Leach upset was a two-man race. In 2008 Loebsack had three opponents (and joined a four-way debate) but the Libertarians didn't run.

My early take is this helps Loebsack. While the LP is hard to classify on the traditional left-right spectrum, they probably take two or three votes away from the GOP for every one they take from the Dems. (As for the Greens, Loebsack ran behind Obama in 2008, almost precinct by precinct, by just about exactly Wendy Barth's percentage.)

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