Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mellencamp for Senate (?)

Freedom's Road... to Washington?

How's this for a candidate to replace Evan Bayh:
"For the past quarter century, he has been... focusing on the farm crisis, economic hard times and race relations. He's been a key organizer of... fund-raising events for good causes, and he's been a steady presence on the campaign trail in recent years, appearing at the side of numerous Democratic presidential candidates, including Barack Obama.

He has a record of standing up for disenfranchised and disenchanted working-class families in places like his Indiana hometown.

In fact, he might be just enough of an outlier to energize base votes and to make independent voters look again at the Democratic column."

Say hello to... Senator John Mellencamp?

Plenty of rally music to choose from. And yes, there's a Facebook group.

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