Tuesday, February 09, 2010

MTV no longer means music

If video killed the radio star, who killed the video star?

We've known it for years but they finally admitted it, which marks a milestone for anyone roughly 30 to 50: with the logo redesign, MTV no longer stands for "Music Television." It just stands for MTV. I think I last saw an actual music video on the channel about 1997, but still. Top of the hour, please:

I'm deeply depressed and writers blocked over this anyway, so here's the clips:

  • Nate Silver: Republicans -- Not Obama -- More Often on Wrong Side of Public Opinion. Not just a blanket statement: 25 specific issues.

  • Bipartisan snow removal in DC.

  • What teabagger signs really mean.

  • And the geography of social networking: welcome to Stayathomia, Iowans.
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