Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lehman vs. Kaufmann

Picking at the wounds

Krusty has been stirring the GOP pot this week. Couple a days back he called the 2nd District field of candidates "idiots," and now we have a multiple mad e-mails exchange between Wilton state Rep. Jeff Kaufmann and outgoing Iowa Right To Life (sic) leader and Republican National Committee member Kim Lehman that Krusty's shared with the state.

The point of contention, you may recall, is Iowa RTL's October 2008 newsletter calling Mariannette Miller-Meeks, then the GOP nominee against Dave Loebsack, a "great pretender" on right to life (sic) issues. Some Republicans called for terminating Lehman's term on the RNC, then just barely in its second trimester.

The e-mail content shows no love lost, but its release into the broader blogosphere is also interesting. Question for readers: whose agenda if anyone's does this benefit? Multiple answers in multiple races will be accepted...

Believe it or not, there's a People's Republic angle here. Lehman is leaving Iowa RTL (sic) for a position with the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute (the agenda just leaps out of the name) which is based in, of all places, Iowa City. No word on if Lehman is relocating here, but that would certainly be interesting. Kaufmann, meanwhile, represents the thin sliver of eastern Johnson County that still has GOP represenation.

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