Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dems lead in first day Johnson County Voting

What Enthusiasm Gap?!?

There was no lack of enthusiasm, in either mood or numbers, for Johnson County Democrats on Day One of voting.

The Fearless Leader, Iowa Democratic Party chair Sue Dvorsky, rallied the troops at HQ before heading over to the auditor's office. She was Voter Number 1 in 2008; this year the honors went to daughter Caroline Dvorsky, casting her first ever vote. (The Gazette has more).

The numbers for the day at the office were 101 Democrats to 22 Republicans, 10 independents and a Green.

Just up the road at the Iowa City Library, 219 ballots dropped in the box (including mine). The score was 116 Democrats to 48 Republicans, 53 independents and a couple Libertarians.

The satellite schedule doesn't let up between now and election day.

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