Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Clips

Friday Clips

The big event on the local political calendar is the JCDems BBQ Sunday:
WHEN: Doors open at 3:30, Program at 4:00

LOCATION: Building C Johnson County Fairgrounds.

Featured speakers:

Congressman Dave Loebsack
Iowa Democratic Party Chair, Sue Dvorsky
State Attorney General Tom Miller
Secretary of State Michael Mauro
State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald
Secretary of Agriculture Candidate Francis Thicke
State Auditor Candidate Jon Murphy
Remember a couple days back the story about vote suppression in Wisconsin? More delails are out and guess who the target is. That's right: students.

Dave Loebsack gets a mention in this history of write-in campaigns, but it's an inaccurate mention; Loebsack was in fact nominated at a party convention.

(Friendly advice: Serious write-in campaigns? Part of democracy, I've voted for one myself. Frivolous write-ins? All you're doing is making the little old ladies at the polls who've already worked an extremely long day stay even later to tally your Mickey Mouse. And why is it always Disney characters?)

And some funny maps about what Europeans think of each other.

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