Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Kids are Alright for Iowa Dem Ads

The Kids are Alright for Iowa Dem Ads

We seem to have a kid theme this week in Iowa Democratic political ads.

First out, with a reprise nod to the 2006 Big Lug ad, are the Culver kids:

(With Terry Branstad bragging about preschool cuts, the kids fit right in. And catch Chet's good natured Rodney Dangerfield no respect routine.)

Not to be outdone Roxanne lands with the grandkids:

Chuck Grassley is expected to include a grandkid ad with his list of GOP legislative endorsements.

Unfortunately, both Conlin and Culver take unpopular positions on the third rail issue of homework:

Political suicide with the six to eight year old vote. But other than that, the kids are alright:

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