Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mauro Schools Schultz

Mauro Schools Schultz

Secretary of State Mike Mauro fires back at opponent Matt Schultz:
“I encourage Matt Schultz to study up on Iowa law rather than spending his time sending misleading press releases,” Secretary Mauro said. “Elections in Iowa are both accessible and secure. Today, Iowa has uniform voting equipment across the state, a voter verified paper trail, and an effective identification program. The Overseas Voter Foundation ranked Iowa as the best state in the nation in making voting accessible to members of the military serving overseas. The simple truth is that Iowa is leading the nation when it comes to elections.”
Remember: Mike talks about helping people vote, Matt talks about making it harder to vote.

And why do all debate headlines look like "Culver, Branstad clash at first debate"? I read that as "Culver, Branstad, Clash at first debate":

An outstanding debate performance from the Strummer-Jones ticket.

That's actually not too far off the mark: One version of the origin of the band's name is that Paul Simonon noticed how often the word "clash" showed up in headlines to describe conflict of all sort. The other version is that it comes from the reggae song "Two Sevens CLash" by Culture. Both versions are probably true.

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