Friday, May 13, 2011

Tallon Announces in District C

Tallon Announces in District C

2009 Iowa City Council candidate Dan Tallon is running again this year, in the open-seat District C race where incumbent Regenia Bailey is stepping down.

Tallon is the first declared candidate in District C. The only other announced candidates are Mayor Matt Hayek running for re-election at large and Rick Dobyns in District A (west side). In addition to Bailey, incumbents Ross Wilburn (District A) and Michael Wright (at large) are not running.

District C is, very roughly speaking, downtown and the north side. Under Iowa City's district system, district candidates have to live within the district, and potentially win an October primary within the district if three or more candidates file. But in the November election, the district seats are elected by a city-wide vote.

Tallon made it through the October 2009 primary but finished last in the record-low turnout November 2009 election. It was a weird polarized election, the first ever Town vs. Gown Iowa City election. Townies Susan Mims and Terry Dickens finished far ahead, winning the two at large seats with 75% and 70% respectively. Students Jeff Shipley and Tallon were way back, at 18% and 16%.

Tallon's done his best to keep his profile up since, active in the Johnson County Democrats and on the Don't Ask Don't Tell issue. But he's spent much of the last two years on military duty in Afghanistan.

Of interest: Tallon's press release lists Mark McCallum as campaign coordinator. McCallum ran a very close District B (east side) race as a 2009 canddate, losing by just 172 votes to longtime incumbent Connie Champion.

Full release:
Tallon announces candidacy for Iowa City Council

Iowa City, Iowa May 13th 2011- Iowa City resident, Dan Tallon today announced his candidacy for Iowa City Council, District C

Tallon is a five year resident of Iowa City and is an Iowa Army National Guardsman currently finishing a deployment in Afghanistan. Tallon will return to Iowa City in July.


“ I continue to have a passion for the city and people of Iowa City. I consider myself incredibly lucky to live in a city with so much to offer and so many opportunities. I wish to serve this city by representing my neighbors on the City Council of Iowa City. I look forward to addressing the issue that touch the lives of every resident and searching for way to improve their lives and the city as a whole.

Tallon supports:

1. A “Voluntary” inclusionary zoning ordinance which would provide developers zoning and density incentives to create affordable housing.

2. A new comprehensive plan for Downtown Iowa City and the surrounding neighborhoods that would encourage diversity of housing options by offering density bonuses to developers that create accessible or affordable housing units. Tallon also supports zoning that would allow for conversation of existing apartment building to housing cooperatives. This would allow for more affordable owner occupied housing in the downtown area.

3. Melrose Game Day Vendors

Tallon will support efforts to keep vendors in their current location on Melrose Avenue and will oppose efforts to close off Melrose Avenue from the public on game days.


Dan Tallon, is a native of Davenport Iowa. Has attended the University of Iowa prior to his current deployment to Afghanistan. His family includes Brother Michael from Monticello, Alabama and Father, Donald from Cleveland, Ohio and Mother, Dawn Vardi from Davenport, Iowa.

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