Friday, November 25, 2011

Davenport Alderman to challenge Lykam

Lost amidst the turkey and shopping, Davenport alderman Bill Edmond let it be known Wednesday that he's running on the GOP side in House District 89, held for a decade by Democrat Jim Lykam.

It'll be an uphill fight in a district with a 2600 Democratic registration edge; Lykam went uncontested last cycle (lucky guy, in a good year for Republicans in Scott). Lykam won one term in 1988, got knocked off in by Steve Grubbs in `90, then came back on friendlier turf in 2002. The lines are similar, shifting a but south and west but staying in the city limits, this decade.

Trivia: Davenport was the last city in the state with a partisan city council. They voted to go non-partisan in 1995. The code section allowing partisan city councils remains on the books even though no one uses it.

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