Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tweet Of The Year

...comes from Talking Points Memo:
BREAKING: Romney tried beer, a cigarette as a teenager http://t.co/BHOVm34c
Looks like Jason Sudeikis had it right last Saturday.

Naah, shouldn't pick on Mittens. New Hampshire at least is taking him seriously, according to this poll which has him way out front with 41% to Paul and Newt with 14 each. And pollster David Paleologos GETS the factor that will help Willard to a 26% win in Iowa: "Romney's best insurance policy... is Ron Paul, whose fixed support takes 14 percent off the table."

As we all know, BVP isn't taking Mitt seriously. Craig Robinson has the must read on who the famIly leader is looking at; like me his list starts with Santorum.

But the real GOP frontrunner, at least in debates? Zombie Reagan.

The Washington Post double-disses Iowa. First up, a big six 2012 endorsements list that names no Iowans. OK, so Grassley and Branstad have ruled themselves out, but you'd think Steve King would rank. Even better is a classic in over the top caucus hate from Richard Cohen. Iowa: we are the one percent.

Least. Surprising. Announcement. Ever: Yes, Mike Gronstal is running for re-election in Senate District 8 (one of my favorite District Of The Day writeups). Also announcing,on the opposite corner of the state, is fellow Dem Mary Jo Wilhelm in Senate District 26. She's paired up with Republican Merlin Bartz, who is learning the hard way that good fences do NOT make good neighbors.


And just for fun: the cats needed a bath.

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