Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Dems Night One: Winners and Losers


Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama, and Michelle Obama: Maybe too good, if delegates stampede and nominate her.

The dumpster coffee table: Still the best way to furnish a place on a budget. Furniture playing unusually large role in conventions thus far. Biden expected to deliver speech from naugahyde barcolounger. 

Choice: No equivocation, no half-heartedness.

Blue Texas: Not in 2012, but look out circa 2020.

Possum Trot, Alabama: Lillie Ledbetter's impossibly colorful home town.

The Base: Ben Smith tweets "This is exactly the convention people in this room wanted, unlike the RNC, which was aimed at a very specific TV audience." And Democrats were all the more authentic for it.


Castro "jokes" : Disturbing how many righty tweets made double-whammy reference to the keynoter's name. It's a two-fer: Red-baiting the Dems and Hispanic bashing all in one (as if the guy with the beard and cigar is the only person who ever had that not uncommon surname)

Rules fights and delegate walkouts: Oh, wait, that was last week.

1994 Mitt: Loses debate to Zombie Kennedy. Terrible of Democrats to take a cheap shot like that, using Romney's actual words.

Martin O'Malley: Had the bad luck to follow Deval Patrick, and stuck with a Forward! Not Back! cadence call speech that was clearly handed to him and just as clearly a poor fit.

Four More Years chant: Appreciate the sentiment but to me that'll always belong to Nixon. I do have an old Nixon RE-ELECT THE PRESIDENT button that I may sport this fall.

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Sick of Spin said...

James Carville must have been screaming at his TV, "It's the economy stupid!"

Not one mention of the private sector, no sustantive comments about jobs.

Oh that's right, Democrats can't tout a positive economic record.

- 47 million on Food Stamps, a record.
- Unemployment at 8.3%
- Worst economic 'recovery' (cough) in my lifetime
- 43 consecutive months of unemployment 8% or higher
Median household income falling $4K
- 23 million Americans out of work
- Record deficits and debt, debt that has grown to more than $16 Trillion