Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dahms to seek supervisor seat

Johnson County Democratic Party Chair Terry Dahms told the county central committee tonight that he plans to seek the open county supervisor seat.

The formal details have not been set, but Dahms said he expects the statutory committee of Recorder Kim Painter, Treasurer Tom Kriz, and Auditor-elect Travis Weipert to proceed directly to a special election rather than make an appointment.

Supervisor Sally Stutsman was elected to Iowa House District 77, with two years remaining on her supervisor term. She is respected - well, she is but I mean expected - to resign between January 2, the first business day of the new year, and January 14, the first day of the legislative session.

Dahms' term as chair expires in March. He said if his candidacy for Supervisor was unsuccessful, he would seek another two year term as chair.

Party vice chair Mike Carberry also said he was considering a run for supervisor.

In lesser news, I got my voting spot on the central committee back. I was elected on caucus night - held, as you may remember, in old precincts - but reprecincting landed three people in the two seats for my new precinct. I resigned to give two new people a chance, and one of them moved. So now I'm back representin' for Iowa City Precinct 11.

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