Thursday, December 06, 2012

Kill THAT Rumor

Outgoing Iowa Democratic Party chair Sue Dvorsky is not seeking a soon to be vacant slot on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors, shooting down a long-dormant rumor that just resurfaced.

"No need to worry about me for appointment or election," Dvorsky said in a Facebook discussion that started out about her but drifted to the vacancy. Supervisor Sally Stutsman was elected to Iowa House District 77 with two years left on her Board term, and will resign before the session.

Speaking of vacancies that aren't in South Carolina, did you know that there are technically FOUR empty seats in the Iowa House? We'd heard that GOP Rep. Steve Lukan, who was redistricted into a bad seat, resigned right after the session to start his new job as Iowa drug czar.

But before the election there were two, less publicized resignations: Republican Stu Iverson resigned on August 31 and Democrat Kurt Swaim left October 25. Neither was seeking re-election, and perhaps coincidentally both were paired up in redistricting. Bonus points to anyone who knows the story. Sometimes early resignations by lame ducks are no more than an IPERS technicality.

(UPDATE from a tipster: "Stu took a job as an AA for Behn. When Dix took over, he was out. Swaim took a job with the State Public Defender." Bonus points awarded.)

The big House vacancy, of course, is in District 52 where the OnePack, Brian Quirk, stepped down just three weeks after getting re-elected over an independent Some Dude. The date is set for January 22 and it looks like two well-known local names.

Democrats look ready to name retired coach - I like retired coaches as the son of one - retired coach Tom Sauser. The first Republican name mentioned is former New Hampton Tribune publisher Dan Feuling, who reports getting a call from the governor asking him to run. (That's not always tantamount to nomination in the Iowa GOP these days.) 

With next Tuesday's Senate 22 special, always a heavy lift, looking dicier, it'll be nice to send Sue home with a House 52 win.

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