Sunday, June 09, 2013

Hatch Alternative Emerges!

So that poll this morning looked a little rough for Jack Hatch. Here's the alternative:
My name is Mark McDonald and I am the dark horse making a run for Governor in 2014.
By "dark horse" we mean Some Dude. McDonald's prior race was a 1996 primary loss for Polk County supervisor , which makes Bob Krause's three terms in the legislature four decades ago loom a lot larger.

The website looks like it may have been designed for the 1996 campaign, though at least it's not as garish as some early net era sites were. The overall mood is endearing sincerity, though there's unintentional humor in the biography:
In 1954 my father moved our family to Fort Worth, Tx so he could go to seminary at TCU. There was I born. After six months the trip was aborted. 
Huh? In any case, there's still room in the primary field, but the Sal Mohamed niche now seems to be filled.

As for the Iowa Poll, all it really tells us a year and a half out is that Jack Hatch has a whole lot of name ID work left to do.

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