Thursday, June 06, 2013

Johnson County Democrats for June

What's happening at our central committee meeting:

Our Hall of Fame was fun and we made $.

Parades are happening.

Pride Fest is happening on June 15. Our party platform contrasts sharply with another party.

Elected officials are here: Janelle Rettig, Travis Weipert, Brad Kunkel. And later Bob Dvorsky arrives.

Bruce Braley's new field staffers are here. They have bumper stickers.

Candidates are here: Brian Kirschling and Jim Tate (ICCSD school board) and Kingsley Botchway (Iowa City council).

Bob Dvorsky debriefs on the session: thinks Dems got 90% of what they needed on health care. On property tax, "we're going to backfill some of the losses to city and county governments, it won't be enough." He voted no but "it wasn't a great profile in courage, it was gonna pass anyway." Says Branstad "will veto some things just to show he's the governor" but he doesn't expect major line item vetoes. The new regents are "as moderate Republicans as you'll get fron this governor."

Justice center: we lost. Rettig: "We have five supervisors and five different opinions."

Our fall barbecue gets set for Sunday, October 13.

We're having parades.

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