Monday, February 01, 2016

Making The Caucuses Happen, Part 3: Last Minute Edition

Sorry readers. January was busy. Last went to a candidate event December 16.

Will try to share a few thoughts from the Johnson County HHS building and from the Unity Party. But I'm so deep in the bubble that I have little sense of the big picture.

I'm still working on Making The Caucuses Happen the reality, not the post. And about all I have time for is a summary of the last 48:
  • Made lists of last minute registrations, 57 versions, sent to each chair. Along with, where applicable, contact info for Republicans who are sharing the site
  • Link to a site to print off last minute extra forms
  • Re-distributing various other forms
  • Handing off the LAST packet Saturday afternoon
  • Meeting with one of the campaigns for my precinct
  • Actually setting the other 56 precincts aside and spending a couple hours on poor little Iowa City 11, my own precinct
  • Calls and multiple media emails dealing with a last minute decision by a major cable network to go LIVE from one of our sites
  • Multiple stops on Facebook and Reddit to offer info and correct mis-info
  • A math explainer on the definition of 50% for the one delegate precincts ("Anything over 50% is a simple majority," meaning does not have to be 50% plus one)
  • Recalculating a spreadsheet to supplement the app, so it deals with the issue of people leaving before viability is final
  • Trying to plan ahead for our Unity Party where chairs turn in packets and our Unstuffing Party where we sort paperwork
  • FINALLY getting the 2008 attendance by county data and taking an hour to actually write about rural counties having less attendees per state delegate equivalent
  • Remembering that I forgot to renew my tags, which will mean a last minute trip to the treasurer
  • What am I forgetting?
Thanks in advance to the whole Johnson County Crew, to the Johnson County Republicans who worked with us so well, and to the volunteers and staffers of both parties and all campaigns.

The Democrats have three great candidates and we can be proud to support any one of them in November. Remember that tonight.

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