Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 11 of Filing

Friday night's big news was Wilton Republican Jeff Kaufmann announcing he was not seeking re-election in House District 73. Today, we got the follow-up the rumor mill had told us about: son Bobby Kaufmann, 26, will run in dad's seat. He'll face the winner of the Democratic primary between Dick Schwab of Solon and David Johnson of West Branch.

Another son of a legislator filed today in a very different story. Daniel Lundby of Marion is the son of the late Mary Lundby, former Senate Republican leader. But Daniel filed as a Democrat. It's a symbolically powerful statement about the end of Mary Lundby's brand of pragmatic moderation, as Daniel hopes to take the House seat she once held, now District 68, from Republican Nick Wagner.

There may be another last-second retirement. We have two filings in Warren County's House District 26. Neither of them is the incumbent, tea partier Glen Massie. There was talk Massie might pull a Pearson and quit after a single term, and now that I think about it I don't remember seeing an actual Massie announcement... The two who filed today are Warren County GOP "co-chair" (sic) Steve McCoy and Carlisle mayor Ruth Randleman.

Republican Andrew Wilson of Burlington appears to be Some Dude, but that's more opposition than Dennis Cohoon usually gets in solidly Democratic House 87.

Dubuque Republican Paul Kern gave then-speaker Pat Murphy a scare at the polls in 2010; Kern is back for another try in House 99

Also news to me, though apparently she's all over the web: Cedar Rapids Republican Randi Shannon filed in Senate District 34, now held by Democrat Liz Mathis.

And Republican Brian Cook of Manchester files in no-incumbent Senate District 48. He has a primary with Dan Zumbach; winner sees Rep. Nate Willems, D-Lisbon, in November.

In the overlapping House seat, House District 95, Center Point Republican Quentin Stanerson files.

In filings we already expected, two more Republican candidates file in This Is Where Your District Went, House 37: John Landon and Stacey Rogers. That brings the total filed to four in the more Republican of the two Ankeny seats.

In the other Ankeny seat, Democrat John Phoenix filed in House District 38. He's challenging GOP incumbent Kevin Koester, who also filed today, in a swing seat.

Democrat now officially have a three way primary in open House District 36 as William Rock files. He has my favorite committee name: Citizens For Rock. Sounds like a lost Tenacious D track. The other Dems are Marti Anderson and Cara Kennedy-Ode; winner is a heavy November favorite.

In no-incumbent Senate District 4, Democrat Bob Jennings filed; the GOP has a primary between Dennis Guth and former senator Jim Black.

Democrat Steve Bomgaars filed in no-incumbent Huse District 2, where he'll face the winner of a GOP primary between Megan Hess and Josh Davenport.

Both announced Republicans filed in House District 55, held by Democrat Roger Thomas. Spillville mayor Michael Klimesh, who lost a 2010 race, will face Dustin Noble of Decorah in the primary.

Non-filing news: Shelley Parbs of Urbana is the second Democrat to announce in Senate District 38, joining LaForest Sherman (who filed today). The winner faces GOP incumbent Tim Kapucian in a much-changed swing seat. Bleeding Heartland has a good look.

Lee Harder (the article gets his name wrong) of Hillsboro is the second Republican to announce in open Senate District 42 (the Gene Fraise seat). Harder finished a distant third in the 2008 2nd Congressional District primary. Lee County supervisor Larry Kruse announced before Fraise retired; the Democrats have a three-way primary.

Routine Incumbents filing today:

  • Tom Courtney, D-Burlington, in Senate District 44

  • Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, D-Ames in House District 45

  • Lisa Heddens, D-Ames in House District 46

  • Dave Deyoe, R-Nevada in House District 49

  • Josh Byrnes, R-Osage in House District 51

  • Walt Rogers, R-Cedar Falls in House District 60

  • Renee Schulte, R-Cedar Rapids in House District 66

  • House speaker Kraig Paulsen, R-Hiawatha in House District 67

  • Jerry Kearns, D-Keokuk in House District 83

  • Tom Sands, R-Wapello in House District 88

    And oh yeah, someone named Vilsack.
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